Forsyth in Motion (Transportation)



To work toward solutions that enable older adults and persons with disabilities to remain vital in the community. We do this by:

  • Raising community awareness of present and future transportation challenges
  • Connecting stakeholders
  • Encouraging collaboration


4th Wednesday of each month - 3:00 pm at Senior Services (call to confirm)

Current Projects

  • Assist WSTA and City on restructuring bus routes
  • Continued reporting of JARC & New Freedom grant funds
  • Continually works with Winston-Salem’s Pedestrian and Bicycle coordinator to address safety and sidewalk issues.

Past Projects

  • Older Adult Pedestrian Safety Workshops
  • Conducted a transportation survey with CHANGE and WSTA
  • Collaborated to provide better access to transportation for dialysis patients
  • Provided training to cab drivers to help them be more sensitive to the needs of elderly and handicapped riders
  • Leveraged over $1M in federal funds to provide transportation for disabled and older adults in Forsyth County.
  • Worked in collaboration with WSTA, City of Winston-Salem, and Winston-Salem State University to conduct a bus stop inventory assessment.